On the beach

Beautiful seashore, rivers and lakes of Zadar County as well as a pleasant warm climate make our area suitable for enjoying water activities and sports such as swimming, diving, sailing, rafting and so on, during all seasons of the year. 
Swimming is entertaining and an excellent way of staying in shape, and it is also an activity which you can undertake during your lifetime. Apart from being a pleasant way of cooling off in hot summer days, swimming is also a relaxing and light type of physical exercise. 

However, injuries and drowning in water and water areas are possible and it is therefore necessary to take certain measures of precaution to avoid dangerous situations. 

Precaution measures on designated beaches 

designated beach is a mainland area directly connected to the sea with sanitary facilities, showers and cabins, enclosed on the seaside, accessible for all under the same conditions

• Swim only inside the enclosed swimming area. 
• Read notifications and etiquette on beaches and swimming pools and abide by them. 
• Avoid swimming after a large meal. 
• Avoid swimming under the influence of alcohol, drugs or antianxiety drugs (tranquilizers). 
• If you are experiencing serious health problems, talk to the lifeguards on the beach. 
• Avoid forward diving if you are uncertain about the depth of water. 

Small children up to three years of age are especially exposed to the risk of drowning due to 
inexperience and curiosity, and they can drown in water merely 5 cm deep. 

Zaton (Photo: Karavida)

Never leave your child unattended or alone in or near water at any moment. 

While the child is in water, you need to supervise them at all times. 

Inflatable vests, swim rings, arm pads and similar equipment aimed at protecting children against drowning in water must have a label showing that they meet the safety standards and a label showing for which age and weight they are intended. This equipment cannot be a substitute for your vigilance, because a child may turn over or slip out of it. 

Older children and adolescents also need to be supervised while in water or in areas near water because they can often overestimate their abilities and are prone to competing with their peers. This can lead to unfortunate events. 
It is therefore necessary to check that they are well trained in swimming, diving and remaining in water for longer periods of time. 

Older persons need to carefully evaluate their abilities for water sports and long-term sun exposure. Swimming is an ideal form of recreation and maintaining fit and it imposes minimal threat of injury. 
Avoid long-term bathing in colder water (sea). If you are taking medication, do so regularly and in agreement with your physician. 

It is prohibited to bathe and swim beyond the enclosed area of a designated beach! 

Precaution measures on natural beaches 

Vir (Photo: Karavida)

A natural beach is an undeveloped mainland area directly connected to the sea, accessible to everyone. It does not have an infrastructure with facilities and its natural features are completely preserved. 

If you are swimming or diving on natural beaches: 

  • make sure that your swimming surroundings are safe; 
  • do not swim or dive alone, especially at greater distance or depth; 
  • do not swim alone especially at greater distance if you haven’t notified the persons in your company about where you are going. 
  • It is prohibited to swim at a distance greater than 100 m away from a natural beach! 

During your stay at the beach it is important to consume sufficient amounts of fluids to avoid 
dehydration; this is especially important for children. 

Coffee and alcohol should be avoided. 

Protect yourself from the sun and the heat: Zaštita od ljetnih vrućina / Protection from summer heat

Windsurfing and rafting 

Rafting on the river Zrmanja (Photo: Karavida)

Windsurfing and rafting are extremely interesting sports filled with excitement, providing you with unforgettable experiences. 

If you have decided to take on these or similar water sports: 

  • avoid doing them alone; 
  • seek advice and escort from local citizens; 
  • get and check all the necessary equipment on time (signal flares, lifejackets, sufficient amount of drinkable water); 
  • if you are planning a full-day excursion, prepare protective sun lotions or creams so you do not burn, light clothing, head protection and sunglasses; 
  • get information about the geographical characteristics of the area you are intending to visit, wind power and direction, the power of sea currents, dangerous rapids and ravines; 
  • follow the local weather forecast and weather conditions because they can suddenly change. 

Children and persons who are not good swimmers should wear lifejackets at all times.

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