Procurement of equipment for health care institutions

Equipment for optimization of cancer treatment in General hospital Zadar

In April 2021 an application system for prescribing and preparing cytostatic therapy – CATO® – was installed at the Zadar General Hospital.

This system enables the prescribing of an individual treatment plan for an individual patient with high accuracy of the drug dose prepared in the central preparation of cytostatic and enables more efficient treatment and monitoring of the treatment of our patients.

The system enables complete control and contributes to more effective implementation of the “5 rules” for the proper use of drugs:

  • the right patient
  • the right medicine
  • the right dose
  • right time
  • right way

With the implementation of the system, Zadar General Hospital has joined all major oncology centers in Western Europe.

Equipment for colon cancer diagnostic

PHI General Hospital „Blažo Orlandić“ Bar  procured the thematic equipment for colon cancer diagnostic and treatment - Video Endoscopic System and Electrosurgical Unit with Polypectomy Accessory which was delivered by the end of November 2021. These instruments serve for better diagnostic and more accessible treatment of colon cancer.

Diagnostic ultrasound device with linear probe

The Institute of Public Health Zadar procured equipment for Diagnostic ultrasound device with linear probe – due to the superior imaging and accurate diagnosis this instrument will help in the early detection of breast cancer. In agreement with PP General hospital Zadar diagnostic ultrasound is located in General hospital Zadar for better accessibility to patients and doctors. It is an instrument with simple applications and simplified practice.

Ultrasound machine

Institute for public health of west herzegovina county procured the Ultrasound machine in October 2021.

Occult bleeding tests

Institute for Public Health of West Herzegovina County procured occult bleeding tests in October 2021.  Testing for stool occult bleeding is very important in preventing colon cancer. Recent studies have shown that regular tests reduce colorectal cancer mortality. This test shows bleeding from the digestive tract, although it is not visible to the naked eye.

Equipment for testing for stool occult bleeding

Institute of Public Health of Montenegro procured Analyzer for Fecal Immunochemical Testing (Analyzer and 6500 tubes with consumables) in April 2022. This equipment will serve for better coverage of persons in Program area for screening of colon cancer.  Fecal Immunochemical Testings is aimed to early detection of colon cancer.

Procurement of above-mentioned medical equipment enabled performance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for early detections and treatment of breast and colon cancer.